Corporate Policy

Quality and Tradition

The company Georg Lemke GmbH & Co. KG can look back on over a decade of tradition in the manufacture of nougat, raw marzipan and apricot kernel paste, filling creams and other products such as processed almonds or hazelnuts. Since its founding in 1902, our company has continued to further develop its philosophy according to increasing responsibilities we have had to our customers and the environment. 


The company sees its customers as the center of all its efforts. The company offers its customers a quality standard at the highest level, so that the needs of all customers can be met. Our superior quality is reflected in the satisfaction of our customers and is the most important prerequisite for economic success. 


Transparency in the processes is a prerequisite for a smooth production and the timely delivery of the product. By monitoring the process parameters, negative occurrences can be minimized or eliminated, so that the specifications that are based upon various recipes can be maintained. A rapid response has a positive effect on the cost structure and, ultimately, the competitive capability of the product. 


An important aspect is the interdisciplinary cooperation of all departments. We devise our processes under the premise of optimal customer value, analyze critical events without being asked, create solutions and consolidate them with all relevant departments before implementing them. The goal of all efforts is the highest possible customer satisfaction, as well as reducing non-conformity costs, by optimizing and having a firm grasp of the ongoing processes in all areas. 


Regarding the international procurement of our raw materials, we work only with those suppliers and service providers who take it on themselves to heed humane, safe and productive working conditions. Basically, we tend to prefer suppliers who produce under the aspect of sustainability (the use of a regenerative system). 


Specifically, the following criteria are met: 

  • Compliance with statutory working hours and wage payments

  • The prohibition of child labor and forced labor and discrimination against employees

  • Payment of eligible benefits for sickness and pregnancy

  • The representation of workers' interests in accordance with legal provisions

  • Occupational safety and health, emergency care, and compliance with safety regulations

  • Appropriate hygiene requirements for decent accommodations for the workers

  • The prohibition of enacting mental and physical disciplinary measures

  • The announcement of the standards in the local language

  • Consideration of the ETI Base Code

  • Consideration of the ILO-Convention

The concept of sustainability includes ecological, economic, as well as social aspects. The economic sector should be expressed not so much in the monetary situation, but rather in the efficiency of the utilization of raw materials. Sustainable development, is, put simply, the reduction of resource consumption to a level where it does not exceed the environment's capabilities of regeneration. Here are the three dimensions of ecology, economy, and social issues interrelated. 


A concrete step on our part is the acquisition of the membership of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) and the associated purchase of certified palm oil and palm kernel oil. Sustainability requires a move away from fossil fuels in our food and farming. We are also UTZ-certified for cocoa since 2014, which is just another step to achieve a more responsible use of resources. By the middle of the century, we need a reduction in CO2 emissions by 80-90%. Successful economy is increasingly defined by the fact that it deals with resources economically and efficiently. It is also about guaranteeing the future for subsequent generations. 


The idea of product safety is ensured by proper application and ongoing maintenance of our HACCP concept, as well as of our quality management system, which was built according to DIN EN ISO 9000 ff., and has been certified according to IFS guidelines since 2009. 


The integrated crisis management and the Lemke crisis manual, in which all the responsibilities and competencies are covered, ensure targeted steps in the case of a critical situation. Potential damage, both for the customer as well as for the company, can thus be minimized or eliminated. 


All the employees of our company are involved in the ongoing process of quality improvement. In doing so, the management level takes on the stance as role model in order to motivate all employees in the process of quality improvement. 


Made possible through information and training, the management committee is dedicated to ensuring that the quality-management system is known, lived by, and implemented in the work place by every employee. Regular inspection and adjustment will be implemented through continuous performance reviews. 


By the acceptance of the Ethical Base Code it is ensured, that there is no discrimination in hiring, based on race, skin colour, national origin, religion, age, disability, gender or sexual orientation. 


All kinds of forced labor obtained through the threat of physical abuse or physical abuse, or other forms of harassment as a means of violence to achieve discipline or control are prohibited. 


Training policy

We see in the education and training of our employees (young and old) the future for our society and our company's success. Well-trained employees are the backbone in order to respond to the growing demand in all areas. 

Health and occupational safety

Our company doctor (specialist in occupational medicine) conducts regular employee examinations, to prevent work related health disorders, occupational diseases or associated harms. This includes health 

counseling inclusive of vaccinations and health promotion including individual and group based trainings. Our extern specialist for occupational safety carries out inspections of the company on a regular basis. The results flow into the consulting and planning of the technical, organizational and personal occupational safety as well as accident prevention. 


Quality policy (incl. training and health / occupational safety) as PDF-Download 


Environmental Policy

Since the company is also committed to environmentally-relevant demands, we include, with equal importance, the protection of our environment along with the economic and social matters in all business decisions. The obligation to comply with all relevant environmental legislation is of course adhered to. Our goal is to gently and effectively utilize the resources used. 


Environmental effects of activities, products, and processes are assessed in order to avoid as much environmental damage as much as possible. For this purpose, we use the best available technology that is economically justifiable for us. To avoid accidents and negative impacts on the environment, active risk management is employed. We expect our contractors and suppliers to comply with our environmental standards. 


We strive for continuous improvement of the state of the environment and are open to ecologically-friendly alternative products and processes. The awareness of the responsibility to the environment of our employees will be supported on all levels through our information and education regarding ecological matters. Through our environmental management, which is certified according to DIN ISO 14001, we ensure that our actions are consistent with this policy and that any necessary corrections are initiated for aberrations. 


Environmental policy as PDF-Download 

Energy Policy

Since the manufacture of our products is very energy-intensive, we run many heating and cooling processes one after the other, and since available global resources are increasingly scarce, we also feel dedicated to the field of energy required to use the possibilities available to us in order to use energy in an efficient way that is also protective of the environment and climate and is within the bounds of our operations, and provided that it is possible for us to even gain energy. 


For this purpose, was an energy management system specifically set up according to DIN EN 50001, which has the responsibility to ensure that the company acts in accordance with this policy and puts the focus of the management on the company's efficient use of energy to manufacture our products. Through regular review and evaluation of this system, as a part of a continuos alaysis of our energy consumption, we want to ensure a continuing improvement of the energy performance. All employees are required to take an active role in this. Furthermore we want to support our intentions by buying energy efficient products and services and by the support of the development of energy efficient processes and facilities. 


We installed an interdisciplinary energy management team in our company under the chairmanship of an energy management representative. It is responsible to monitor and evaluate the continuing improvement 

of all energy relevant performances in the company. New goals and measures are developed annually within the energy management team, that are supposed to lead to a reduction of the energy consumption and increase the energy efficiency, which eventually leads to an overall reduction of green house gases. The compliance and achievement of the 

goals is ensured by team meetings that take place on a regular basis. By hiring an external engineering firm, we will allow our company to optimize the strategic use of energy and the need-based energy consumption. 


So that our desired way of working, goals, and aspirations can be achieved, the management committee has pledged to make available all necessary information and resources (personnel and financial).  


This energy policy is readily accessible to the public and can be seen in operation / requested or downloaded from our website. Additional data and information, however, is not communicated to the public. 


Energy policy