Quality and the associated safety of our products are top priorities for our company. In order to ensure consistent excellence, the quality assurance and meticulous control is conducted by the employees of our company-owned laboratories. The team consists of specialized and motivated professionals who are educated regularly with individual training. 


For us, quality starts with the selected raw material. All raw materials and incoming-goods undergo an extensive inspection before they are processed. They are solely approved for the manufacturing process if the observed quality measures up to the corresponding specification. 


The HACCP concept of Georg Lemke GmbH & Co. KG is applied to make certain that all potential risks are successfully thwarted. An additional check of these parameters is proctored at random, within the final stages of product control. 


Since compliance of personnel and operational hygiene is a vital factor in certifying exceptional quality, extensive optical and microbiological checks are also carried out by our laboratory team. This includes not only the survey of the current microbiological status, but also the identification of potential risks as well as the obligatory and routine training of employees. 


To affirm compliance of legal and internal regulations, as well as customer specifications, an established rubric controls the physical, chemical, microbiological and tactile features of intermediate and end-products. The in-house test plans include a periodic scan for the absence of genetically modified material, as well as the assurance of compliance to the declaration of allergens and the compliance to the maximum concentration allowance of certain contaminants. 


Our laboratory team functions, furthermore, as a service department and is always happy to advise colleagues in all departments, as well as interested customers, regarding questions about quality advice, analysis, manufacturing processes and other quality-related topics.