Innovative Technology for a Productive Future

Whether it be our procedures, manufacturing equipment, products, or staff, we regularly develop ourselves and our craft to the highest degree. We are technologically advanced and innovative, and, on top of that, utilize individual machine designs in our production area. As a medium sized company, we can quickly and easily respond to the needs of our customers and set trends in the industry. The principle of the "Good Manufacturing Process" characterizes the daily work of Georg Lemke GmbH & Co. KG. 


The non-stop supply of deluxe raw materials is the basis of our distinctive products. Their careful transport is yet another guarantee of the superior quality of our final products. Our raw materials warehouse is up-to-date and allows for efficiency in on-site sorting. A special selection process by laser and ultrasound ensures the careful selection of the respective raw material needed and prevents foreign substances from contaminating our finished products. The blanching and peeling of the almonds is also made with the latest equipment. Moreover, there are three different roasting methods in use – one being long-term roasting. The method applied depends on the product and the needs of our customers. Georg Lemke GmbH & Co. KG is one of the few companies that currently integrates traditional granite rollers as a complement to the modern production techniques in the production of marzipan. In particular, our customers, primarily bakeries and pastry shops, appreciate the texture obtained by the specialized rollers and the delicate production of our raw pastes. 


The application of very different machines allows our clients a wide range of packaging options. The spectrum ranges from smaller bundles, such as 50g packets to 12.5 kg blocks, to buckets, and even to tanker-truck sizes, for large capacity solutions. Modern manufacturing methods, new developments and traditional recipes with a focus solely on selected raw materials - all this is only possible with the daily efforts of a truly skilled and dedicated staff. Therefore, education and training have an integral role in our family business. In the field of technology, we educate in topics of mechatronics, and, when needed, in precision mechanics as well. In production, it is the specialist in confectionery technology