Our Concept

Customers, Delicacies and Concepts

You have expectations of us and we have expectations of ourselves – our goal is to satisfy every customer's request with the highest degree of professionalism and remarkable service. This is what Georg Lemke GmbH & Co. KG, as a family business, has represented for over 100 years. We supply products such as marzipan, apricot kernel paste, nougat and filling creams, as well as a grand assortment of processed nuts. The manufacture of products made from almonds, hazelnuts and apricot kernels is our daily business.  


Our incentive is the pleasure of conjuring unique and innovative products of high-quality raw ingredients, which are then processed with care and perfected in the marzipan factory in Berlin. Twelve-thousand tons leave our factory every year. Seventy percent of the marzipan and apricot kernel paste mass accounts for the holiday shopping season. A large part of our almond and hazelnut products is requested for the ice cream season. For this reason, we are a leading manufacturer in the confectionery industry. Our products can be found in examples such as the popular Christstollen, the traditional German cake in every household at Christmastime; gingerbread, Dominoes, the German version of a Tri-Color cookie, chocolates, croissants or chocolate-almond popsicles. Based in Berlin, we deliver gratifying taste to the whole world, and most especially to you. We have an obligation to good taste.  


Whether you are a wholesale customer from the confectionery and food industry, or have a bakery or pastry shop, as an owner-managed company, we can adjust to your needs in a flexible manner. We want to grow with you and help you achieve your long-term goals. This is our strength! We guarantee and deliver all production reliably, and in top quality for small or large orders. Whether it's cookies or praline fillings, across the globe, our products are on everyone's lips. From pure and simple to surprising and unusual, depending on our customer's requests. Together, we develop innovative sweets for new booming markets.  


Our credo determines our food with work: Freshness and taste are paramount. As a specialized company with refined expertise, we only use controlled, prime raw materials. These come from burgeoning regions that we ourselves visit throughout the world. And with their farmers, we have cultivated and valued direct business relationships for decades. All products are grown with care, always implementing the latest technology. 


Our high standards are also ensured by reliable quality testing of all inventory and processing in our laboratory. Additionally, our modern and steadfast quality management system guarantees consistent top quality and the safety of our products. The compliance of international quality standards (International Food Standard IFS Higher Level, ISO 14001, Bio, Bio Suisse and Kosher) is an essential part of our production and, in the end, the basic foundation for long-term customer relationships. 


Backing our products and raw materials are our markedly motivated employees, who guarantee first-rate final products. As a medium-sized company, of course, their qualifications are particularly important to us. We value continuous learning and share our expertise by training young professionals ourselves. Thanks to our sense of solidarity and the extraordinary skill of our employees, our family business has grown steadily for years, and this fills us with utmost pride. As a Berlin marzipan factory, we stand for innovation and flexibility – two attributes we wholeheartedly embrace.