Georg Lemke GmbH & Co. KG has a wide variety of products and applications at its disposal, with its own product development. Our services range from modifying existing products, recipes, preparations or methods of production to offering complete new developments in the market. Our strengths are reflected in our creativity and flexibility. We strive for excellence and we take great interest in accommodating the needs of our customers so that they may achieve their goals. 


Due to the continual amending of legal regulations, alternatives must repeatedly be sought and arranged. We work pro-actively to develop advanced solutions. Additionally, there are constant fluctuations in commodity markets, and, at the same time, expectations of our customers to make the products even more affordable. As a reliable and competitive supplier, we face these challenges every day, and with it, the time-pressure and rising service expectations of our customer base. By adjusting to individual customer needs in the product development process, upon request, we ensure our customers the individuality of their new product.