The innovative product concepts of Georg Lemke GmbH & Co. KG explain over a century of the company's success. The Berlin marzipan factory relies on intense market research, creative development and close exchange with customers. For marzipan, apricot kernel paste, nougat, processed almond and hazelnuts, as well as for filling pastes of the best ingredients, several specialists in research and development are employed. 

  • Competencies

    Georg Lemke GmbH & Co. KG offers experience, knowledge, and excellence, combined with the latest technologies. » more

  • Possibilities

    Pastes or fine fillings, nougat, almond and nut products in all varieties, for manual or automated processing - the Berlin marzipan factory provides the optimal solution. » more

  • Qualifications

    Our creative, notably adept team is available to the confectionery, bakery and ice cream industry. » more

  • Develop. Examples

    Our products can be found in examples such as the popular Christstollen, the traditional German cake in every household at Christmastime; gingerbread, Dominoes, the German version of a Tri-Color cookie, chocolates, croissants or chocolate-almond ice lollies. Based in Berlin, we deliver gratifying taste to the whole world, and most especially deliver it with you! » more

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    Let's talk about how we can be of your assistance. » more