Quality Management

More Than a Promise.

Quality management has a long tradition in our institution. If it's about achieving the right flavor and delivering the best of quality goods, then the surest guarantee for long-term success is with us and our customers. 


We comply in all areas with the law and custom requirements. We do so on the basis of certified and functioning management systems we installed in 1994. 


For us, quality is more than just a promise: it must be verifiable, transparent and understandable. As such, quality is a management task that rests in in the hands of qualified professionals in our institution. The department's quality-management through customized training is always up-to-date in topics such as allergens, HACCP, sanitation, GMOs, environment, and energy. Quality will stop at nothing; naturally, the question of quality is important to and affects all areas of our company. 


The individual is central. It is our staff that comprises of the ongoing process of quality improvement. That is why it is our concern that our management systems are checked regularly and that the demands and wishes of our customers and the market will be suited.  


Our management systems are carried out by each employee and deliberately integrated into the work process. Because only they are the guarantee that quality is not simply put down on paper, but that it is promised in the exemplary products that leave our company and find their way to our customer. 


The quality management department also takes care to implement legal and ethical requirements. We adhere strictly to the guidelines of the Codex Alimentarius. The Food Code sets standards for food safety and were first issued in 1963. Therefore, we are working together with suppliers and service providers who commit themselves to a humane and safe workplace, where regulated working conditions are respected.  

Under our management, risks of allergens are minimized, due to fixed procedures and compliance with the proper zoning, and are therefore under control. 


We are adamantly against the use of genetic-engineering and irradiated products! In the very beginning, we have strict requirements for our suppliers to follow when procuring our raw ingredients.  


That is why as much as we're able, we prefer sustainable manufacturing suppliers. 


Using an integrated crisis management, we ensure targeted action in a crisis and a rapid reaction capability, 

because that is our commitment to quality. It ultimately means safety for the consumer.