Natural and Valuable.

We conscientiously manage our use of energy and valuable resources needed every day in our production processes. The goal is to make the entire value chain, in terms of upstream and downstream processes and stakeholders, as transparent as possible. So we use our records to make it possible to track our energy management across generations. 


We are also expanding our well-functioning energy management system regularly and consistently. That is why all areas that it touches are regularly put to the test by external auditors. Including this, is lighting management, water, electricity, gas, oil, compressed air, and much more. For instance, our hydraulic balance for our heating system has a high priority.  


September 2011 was the first time our energy management system was certified, according to EN 16001 and 2013 it was converted sucessfully according to DIN EN 50001. In the long run, we also plan to build our own energy facility.