• Quality Management

    We play it safe and focus on quality; we work with a comprehensive quality management. With us, quality is therefore not just put down on paper, but actually lived. » more

  • Environment

    A great climate is important to us — and not only when it comes to our employees. Environmental issues play an important role. Our goals and commitments reflect that. » more

  • Energy

    The responsible use of valuable resources such as gas, water, electricity, or oil is one of the major issues companies concern themselves with. We use energy wisely and audit our consumption and use regularly. » more


    Consumer protection and food safety are our concern. We therefore implement the HACCP protocol (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) in our company. » more

  • Certificates

    We guarantee our customers and consumers first-class standards and safety through various certifications. We hold ourselves to meet objective criteria and make our processes and production methods transparent. Rely on us and the judgment of experts. » more