Are you ready to join a dynamic and successful company that has its headquarters in the capital city of Berlin? To strengthen our team of approximately 120 employees, we are constantly looking for skilled workers and young talents. Because in addition to our quality products, it is primarily our dedicated and motivated employees who shape Georg Lemke GmbH & Co. KG. 


Please send us your detailed application online or via traditional mail. Our job market is constantly updated! 

  • Openings

    Looking for a new job and have exceptional knowledge of the industry? Click here to see our wide range of vacancies for experienced professionals. » more

  • Apprenticeship

    If you attach importance to professional and practical training, in which you may take on responsible positions, then you will succeed with us. We offer four different postings of attractive prospects for students, university students, and professionals. » more

  • Practicum

    We offer internships in manufacturing, process engineering, laboratory work, product development and quality management to students, university students, and graduate students with valuable professional experience. » more